I cannot fathom the notion,

I cannot bear to think,

I have been betrayed by my devotion,

Which has pushed me to the brink.

What I feel goes beyond despair, 

I feel a crippling lack of hope,

Which goes past any primal fear,

And I can’t find it in me to cope.

Not again, not this time,

Even I need some relief,

From this heavenly joke, this celestial crime,

Now I’m doubting my beliefs. 

The pain never goes anywhere,

And time may heal the wounds,

But the scars are yours to bear.

These demons won’t be drowned,

They are yours to endure,

This time the light won’t be found,

And in death lies allure. 


3 thoughts on “Unbearable

  1. maimoona khan says:

    this is far too intense for a sixteen year old!keep up the good works,the last verse is absolutely stirring!

  2. maimoona khan says:


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