About me

17 years old. Living in Pakistan.

Books: Harry Potter; Lord of the Rings, Stieg Larsson, Dan Brown, Hunger Games, Rick Riordan, Mortal Instruments,  Jeffrey Archer; Sidney Sheldon; all good thrillers.

Movies: All Nolan movies; Depp; all psychological thrillers.

Music: Mainly Lana Del Rey; a little bit of everything.

TV Series: Sherlock, Suits, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Hannibal, Da Vinci’s Demons, How I Met Your Mother, FRIENDS, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men (the pre-Kutcher one), Gotham, Flash, American Horror Story, Castle.

My passion is to read and write and these are quite frankly the only things I’m good at (although my mashed potatoes are to-die-for, if that counts.) I don’t write a lot of happy stuff. I’m very weird but apparently that’s an endearing quality.

You may think you know me, but you don’t. This is the tip of the iceberg. I love when people read and enjoy my work and I plan to write more in the future. Stay tuned.

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9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Moniba says:

    16 I O3 I Pakistan I
    Explain that… ^

  2. Saad Munir says:


  3. Ayesha Naeem says:

    1) Print your work
    2) Go to dawn newspaper.
    Just sayin’

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