2013: In A Little Over A Nutshell

And just like that, another year of my life passed in an exceedingly colourful blur. And now here I sit, holed up in my blanket, thinking back on the year that passed. And I find myself writing this, though logic dictates that this is an effort in futility.

This year, as any other, had its vicissitudes. There were the highs and there were the lows. And I wanted to write all this down. I guess to preserve all of this? I don’t even understand why.

So I think I’ll go with a quaint numbering system or something. And although this goes against the pessimistic core of my personality, I’ll start with the good things first.

1- The Good Things That Happened This Year

Well, no one died for one thing. And people have a habit of doing that so that’s a big plus. Except for this old aunty across the street and now I’m thinking about her and now I’m sad. She always used to give us biscuits when we went over and she was so sweet and kind to us and she genuinely loved everyone and now the neighbourhood just seems so cold and desolate. I remember on the day of her funeral, when her body was being taken away, her husband of some 50 or such years looks at her and waves her goodbye for the last time. Yeah. Heart-wrenching.

Other than that, I met some very special people this year. At this time last year, roughly the same I guess, I became friends with one of my best friends who I hope will go the long run. And some eight months ago, I met my best friend so unexpectedly that it eludes belief. And it might astonish you how these people went from being absolute strangers to people I would die for in the span of this year. Guys, I love you and I hope you will be by my side in these years to come. And I met a few other people too. People who came and left but they all left marks. All of them made impacts. Y’all know who you are. And I don’t regret meeting any of you. I’m glad I met all of you. Because you all are important in shaping me. No matter how mediocre you think you are, we are all cogs in a grand machine. Each part has its purpose to serve. You all changed me. For the better, I hope. But you were all vital to my metamorphosis.

Stooping to the superficial, I got a new phone. And I got good grades in my Cambridge exams ._.

2- The Bad Things That Happened This Year
Now this is the part which I won’t particularly like writing. First of all, this year has brought me some horrid scares. I thought I had lost six out of the nine people important to me.

Now although you might find this impeccably petty, but the thought of losing people wrecks me. And this year, I was forced to think about how not having these people would affect me. And this destroyed me. This feeling devastated me and left me with this obsessive paranoia that everyone is going to leave me. Although they say life moves on after you lose someone, it doesn’t. That person remains there always, a shadow just beyond your grasp. And it eradicates you. Knowing that you can never see them again. And to know they are never coming back. I can’t stand losing these people. And if the day ever comes when one of them is taken from me, I don’t know what will become of me. You people might not know what you mean to me. Or you might just know. And I just might not mean the same to you as you do to me. Or maybe I do. But please, just stay by my side. I love all of you.

Other than that, this year brought forth a barrage of problems; one atop the another. You think you have found bliss but then suddenly another problem befalls you. And the onslaught doesn’t stop. You want it to end. You want solace. But that won’t be. So I’m glad for all the people there for me. I know you’ll always be there for me. And I can’t thank you all enough for that. I can’t stress this enough. I love you all.

And now that we are done with the good and the bad, I just want to say that this year could have been a lot better. And it could have been a WHOLE LOT WORSE. I have a few regrets, and I have a few moments that I will always look back and smile at. All in all, 2014 is just around the corner. And I hope that this year will be better than this one. I hope I lose no one. I hope I make my friends and family proud. I hope I achieve what I have been aspiring.

I want all of you, whoever bothered reading these ravings of a bored adolescent, to ponder over the year you have. Think about those close to you. And tell them what they mean to you. You might never know when its too late.

Aspire. Dream. Do it.

Don’t wait out.

Life’s too short.

The years are flying by.

Don’t waste your life.

Think about those whom you have hurt.

Think about the things you wanted to say and say them.



And step into the new year without any regrets, a heart full of hope, a smile on your face and the people you love next to you.

*raises hypothetical glass*

So here’s to 2013. Here’s to all our friends and families; the people we can’t live without; the people who have stayed with us and who always will. ¬†Here’s to meeting new people. Here’s to love and to friendship. Here’s to memories, both good and bad. Here’s to living without regrets. Here’s to living. Here’s to surviving.

Here’s to 2014, a year of promise.

To everyone out there, Happy New Year.